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Company Info

Rubis Cayman Islands Limited corporate office is located off of South Church Street in Grand Cayman. With over 140 people employed, directly and indirectly, with Rubis across 10 locations in Grand Cayman and the sister islands, Rubis has become the quality brand of choice for people throughout these islands. Our various departments include Supply and Trading, Aviation, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Operations. Our qualified teams are highly motivated by Rubis’ entrepreneurial approach in which the employees are encouraged to think local and constantly seek opportunities to grow the business. 


Rubis Aviation is a leading supplier of premium aviation fuels in the Caribbean, supplying high-quality jet fuel and aviation gasoline at the 11 Caribbean airports in which we operate. The Rubis Shipping, Supply and Trading function is based in Barbados and supports the core business by trading refined fuels. Our products are shipped to various destinations across the Caribbean and we pride ourselves on being a safe and reliable fuel supplier for many countries in the region.


We have a strong commitment to the local communities in which we operate and have supported various social and charitable organizations in all our markets.